Monday, March 17, 2014

kdevelop-python for Python 3: first stable version (1.6.0) released!

Yesterday, Python 3.4 was finally released, so I'm now happy to announce the first stable release of kdevelop-python which supports Python 3! See below for the tarballs.
As in the Python 2 series, PyQt continues to be one of the best supported frameworks.
Obsolete,  please use 1.6.1-py3 (see below) -- 1.6.0 didn't build on some systems kdev-python version 1.6.0-py3

kdev-python version 1.6.1-py3
SHA256: 26b1fa25e8f24f1e0b801ece02b283a750e77543e6df1e571dd52b36778859a5

The kdev-python 1.6-py3 series is compatible with KDevelop 4.6 (kdevplatform 1.6) and is suitable for working with Python 3.x source code.
If you're only interested in using (as opposed to packaging or developing) kdev-python, you should consider installing kdev-python from your distribution's package manager instead of downloading the source code. 
The python 3 and python 2 versions cannot be installed at the same time currently!
There's not that much more to say than what was already said in the beta announcement, so I will just post some screenshots of what continues to work in the Python 3 version:
Code completion is powerful as ever and tries very hard to only make suggestions which are useful in the current context.
Code tooltips are still there, too.
As always, please report any bugs you might find to the bug tracker. Happy hacking!

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