Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another note about kdev-python branches

There's now a 1.3 branch in kdev-python which is compatible with kdevelop 1.3 beta (the 1.2.82 or so tags). If you want to use kdev-python, please use this branch.

The current master branch uses some functionality which has not been added to kdevplatform yet, and thus won't compile unless you apply a patch. I'm sorry for breaking it, I'll try not to do that any more in the future.

Update:  As of 01.03.2012, I reverted the breakage (I should have done that immediately... well, next time). The patch which caused it is to be merged soon, so I can revert the revert to deliver a long-overdue bugfix then. :)

Update: As of 06.03.2012, the required changes were submitted to kdevplatform and this issue is now completely resolved. This change should vastly improve the "I need to refresh the file manually in order to get correct highlighting" issues you might be experiencing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Note about kdev-python master dependencies

Just a quick note, as I've been asked a few times in the last days: The current master branch of kdev-python targets kdevplatform 1.3. This means you'll need to use the 1.2.8x (or 1.3, once released) series of kdevplatform if you want to run it. The current kdevplatform master (1.3.60 or so) doesn't work; if you want to use the plugin with that version of kdevplatform, change x-kdevelop-version from 13 to 14 in the .desktop file in the plugin root directory.

I hope to reach a somewhat stable version with in the next days, then I'll move on to targetting kdevplatform 1.4 and the two master branches will be compatible again. :)