Sunday, January 26, 2014

KDevelop / Kate sprint in Barcelona in January 2014

Last week I have been in Barcelona at the KDevelop / Kate sprint with all the other nice people working on those projects. As always, it was very cool to meet everyone again and spend a week together improving software. A big thanks to the organizers and sponsors, too!

Since most of the time I work on a fairly encapuslated subsystem (Python support for KDevelop) and only a smaller part of my contributions goes towards the KDevelop / Kate core repositories, I don't  have any world-changing news to announce -- unlike for kate and KDevelop, no Qt5 / KF5 porting is happening yet in Python support. It doesn't make much sense to start porting until all the interfaces have stabilized.

Still, quite some interesting things have piled up in the last few months, and especially during the sprint.
In the following, I want to give a quick summary of those.