Saturday, May 18, 2013

kdev-python 1.5.1 released

kdev-python provides Python language support for the KDevelop integrated development environment. For more information, please look at the 1.4 and 1.5 release announcements, and especially make sure to watch this short demonstration video!

The 1.5.1 release fixes a few issues with 1.5.0. Especially, it
  • fixes a crash bug which could happen when PEP8 checking was enabled
  • fixes capitalization in the coding line completion
  • displays the correct plugin version in the About dialog
This is a rather minor update and I recommend it to everyone running 1.5.

There's one thing I forgot to announce in the 1.5 release: PEP8 checking support (which was actually a good thing, since it was rather crashy until now ;)).
PEP8 checking suppot in kdev-python 1.5.1
It will run the PEP8 style checker whenever an open file is modified and display all errors inline (if you have inline error display enabled) and in the Problems toolview.
By default it is disabled though, since it displays a lot of errors for people who don't follow PEP8, so if you want to use it, go to Settings -- Configure KDevelop -- PEP8 style checking (the change will only apply to newly opened or modified files).

If there's any issues, please make sure to let me know on the bug tracker.

The tarball can be found here, sha256 checksum is  d9b68bd2dd9361961e264254d2acfebc9ce0ea4b47ea2689d2f01a3ed81f7c47

Friday, May 3, 2013

kdev-python 1.5 released!


I'm happy to announce the the availability of version 1.5 of kdev-python, the Python language support plugin for the KDevelop development environment. For the official (short) announcement containing links to the tarballs, see the announcement on the KDevelop website.

Here's a short video which demonstrates some of kdev-python's (and KDevelop's) nice features:
(if your network connection allows it, you can also watch the full-resolution version -- or here's a link to the youtube version if the embedded one doesn't work)

If you prefer a written summary of features and changes, please refer to the kdev-python 1.4 announcement and to the what's new in kdev-python 1.5 post.

I probably have written it often enough, but I'll repeat it once more:  Python 3 support in kdev-python will be released together with Python 3.4.

Another note, if you're using master, you have to clear your build directory (this includes running make clean in python-src/) to make it build again due to changes in the build system. If you didn't do any changes yourself, you can also run "cd kdev-python; git clean -f". Be aware that this will delete all untracked files in the kdev-python directory.