Thursday, April 26, 2012

Improved code completion in kdev-python and call for help

I recently rewrote most of kdev-python's code completion code, as it was a huge mess (it relied largely on regular expression matching, which just isn't powerful enough to do this properly). The result is less buggy, easier to maintain, and has unit tests (yay!). In the process, I also implemented quite a few features which I want to post a few screenshots of.

There's a second issue I want to talk about in this post: A major problem which remains for kdev-python is the documentation data, that is, the way the program gets information about external libraries, for example functions and classes in those libraries. I'd love to have some help here -- if you want to help improve kdev-python, this is a great point to start! There is no knowledge required about kdev-python's code base, or even C++ (all that is to do here can be done in python). Read more below in case you're interested.

Another note: kdev-python now has its own component on Please report any issues you might encounter there!